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Celebrations of Life

Heirloom Commonwealth Registered Civil Celebrant

Testimonial Mrs A. Laurie


“Heirloom Marriages & Events” was the perfect choice for the recent funeral ceremony for my adored mother-in-law.

Even with Covid 19 restrictions, Anastasi Dalton conducted a most beautiful event.

His attention to detail and his conscientious gathering of mum’s life events made all who attended feel considered and included in honouring mum’s life.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anastasi to anyone for a sincere compassionate celebrant for any special event in their life.


Mrs A. Laurie



As your celebrant, I consider it a privilege to speak on behalf of the family and recognise the intimate feelings that may be present.

I value, respect and appreciate that every individual has the right to have their story celebrated. During this sensitive

time of writing a eulogy, I research and gather information to ensure we honour the VIP’s life lived, as each person’s

journey is unique.

We aim to capture the essence in each chapter of their life to create a story that highlights their personality and achievements.

It is an honour to represent a deceased person’s life with compassion and understanding.

With the respective families authorization, I am able to share the following acknowledgements:

Goodbye and thank you.

“Today we share the chapters of one’s VIP life, from their beginning to their departure.

With the highest esteem and gratitude, we remember and celebrate their life story and canvas, let us pay homage with appreciation remembering their journey.”

With kind authorisation and permission from the Laurie family, it was an honour to represent

Eva Constance Laurie.  2nd December 1925 - 29th June 2020

AW Avril mother and crest .jpg


"Magnolia" poem in honour of Eva Constance Laurie

by Anastasi Dalton

A prayer for Dot

“May the Lord bless you and keep you in this time of sorrow, reminding you of treasured memories, and the gift of shared love.

May he inspire you with the reflection of heaven in earth, from the seeds and flowers, to the mountains and springs.

And may you feel the Lord with you, walking besides you in the loneliness, taking your hand in the hardest times and carrying you through the waters of grief.

May you be safe and treasured in his hand.

AW Funeral Dot Wash image.png

With kind authorisation, it was an honour represent the Walsh family for a remembrance memorial for Dorothy “Dot” Walsh.

Testimonial Mr David Willie


Thank you "Heirloom Marriages & Events”

We would like to thank you from our family for ensuring Dot was remembered and honored in such a wonderful way.


I, as Dot’s grandson, could not be more pleased with how Anastasi touched on Dot’s life. It is what we prayed for.


Thank you for delivering a memorial eulogy in such a heartfelt and compassionate way, allowing us all to get through our pieces in our own way. It was such a difficult time for us as a family when she passed, however the remembrance memorial service, gave us joy, laughter and so many precious memories to live on in our hearts.


I highly recommend "Heirloom Marriage & Events" for their professionalism, writing and eye for detail, the keepsake folder we will cherish forever.


David Willie

With kind authorisation, it was an honour represent the Aarons family for a remembrance memorial for John Aarons

Celebration of Life
John Aarons
Date of Birth 31/07/1945
Departure 31/07/2018

Memorial Service held privately with friends who were unable to attend his VIP funeral service.

I gave you all that I could give,
In giving, I gave to you my gift,

My gift to you, was my friendship, love, and

I lived this life and graced this earth trying to be
the best I could be, faults and all,

No one is perfect.

However, in perfection, you found
my friendship,

As I gave love to you from the depth
of my heart.


®Anastasi Dalton

JA sundial.jpg

Heirloom Marriages & Events specialise in funeral services, memorial services, anniversary memorials,

living funerals and committal services.

How do I book you for a future service?

Please email or phone me, I am happy to discuss all your requirements.

AW FAQ funeral Anastasi.jpg


My partner has a terminal illness, they want a service whilst they are alive. Is that service available?

Some people wish to have a living funeral prior to departing, it can be a healing way of acceptance to the person leaving this earth and an acknowledgement for the loved ones. We specialise in gathering information and facts to write a perfect "life story", often filled with antics and information requested by the person we are honouring.



I find death confronting and traumatic, do you recommend counselling?

The departure of a loved one, regardless of age can be magnified with various emotions and it takes time to heal. Heirloom Marriages & Events has an extensive list of counsellors and practitioners that can aid with the healing process.



How do we give our loved one the respect they deserve in such a short service?

As a celebrant, it is our position to meet with all parties concerned to extract as much information as possible. Due to the short time frame between death and a funeral service, in this period we often ask an abundance of questions to research and fully honour the deceased person's life. It is a great privilege to represent a life lived. If time prevails, I often suggest the family read over the Eulogy and amend or add further information where required.



Can we decide on which celebrant we desire?

It is up to each individual person / family whom they wish to officiate at a funeral, memorial or committal.

I work cohesively with many funeral directors to deliver a compassionate and understanding service worthy of the VIP's life.



Can we have a Celebration of life service at home?

A memorial service, Celebration of Life service can be anywhere. I work closely with family and friends to achieve what is required.



Can we choose to have a candle ritual or release of doves to honour our loved one?

I work closely with the funeral director in addressing such requests, which can help make a beautiful ceremony in remembrance of the VIP's life.



Is there a possibility to receive a memento of the service?

All my clients receive a beautiful copy of the service, it is my way to say thank you and it is a privilege to honour your loved one.



Does the celebrant ever become emotional at a service?

As a celebrant we are there to deliver a beautiful heartfelt and compassionate service, a genuine and honest approach is how I deliver a ceremony. There have been a couple of instances where, at times your depth of feeling as a celebrant may become obvious in the tone of your voice. When this has occurred, the family has often thanked me for being so genuine and having feelings towards the service and not just reading a script.



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