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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long prior to our wedding must we sign our forms?

A maximum of 18 months notice prior can remain valid. The celebrant must receive a Notice of Intended Marriage form at least one month prior.

Are we able to shorten the period of notice, less than four weeks?

We can apply for a shorter notice period by the prescribed authorities if they are satisfied by the  circumstances in the prescribed regulations which are:


Employment–related, or other travel commitments

Wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations

Medical reasons

Legal proceedings

Error in giving notice

Please note, shortening of time is not automatic and needs to be approved.



Immigration Requirements - Marriage Visa

Please contact a Migration specialist pertaining to the legalities, contact the Department of Migration and Border protection for advice. The Department of migration will require a letter from the celebrant and a Notice of Intended Marriage to be completed.



What documentation does the celebrant require?

An original copy of your birth certificate

A current licence with your picture or passport



I am a widowed person, and not divorced?

Please provide the death certificate of your spouse



I am waiting for my divorce certificate to arrive?

Please provide an original copy of your divorce certificate. If the original has been misplaced, please apply for a new certificate.



What if my partner does not understand or speak English?

Please contact NAATI, National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd , each person must understand clearly what they are about to enter into under the Australian Marriage Act 1961. An interpreter must be present on the day of the ceremony, and they must sign a Certificate of Faithful Performance with a Statutory Declaration.

How many witnesses are required, and can they be our children?

Two witnesses are required, the legal age to witness the marriage is 18 years of age, who can converse and speak English.



Can I surprise my partner with a Surprise Wedding?

Both parties must be fully aware of the wedding with appropriate documentation signed 1 month prior to the date, (NOIM). You may surprise family, friends and guests.



What are your fees?

Heirloom Marriages & Events have various packages to suit each couple, please discuss your expectations, wishes and dreams, a tailored package with an agreement will be required, the celebrant will work with you to cohesively ensure your expectations are met.


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