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Sener-Aziz & Vito

Sener-Aziz do you take Vito to be your lawful wedded husband?

Do you promise to love and care for him, this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?

Photography by

Mauro Wedding Photography 

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Sener-Aziz & Vito

Vito and Sener-Aziz celebrated

their momentous

wedding day euphorically.

Friends and family witnessed their blessed vows, with not a dry eye in the audience!

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Sener-Aziz & Vito

On behalf of Vito and Shen, it is my great pleasure to welcome you here today at this beautiful location, surrounded by the serene gardens and lake on this 12th day of December at 12.00 pm.

Michelle & Kelly

Welcome to our beautiful ceremony.

We cordially invite you to celebrate our love witnessed by friends and family.

We unite our love embraced by the organic region of Emerald Lake Park.

Photography by

Emily Howlett 

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Michelle & Kelly

As you wear this ring, may it remind you of our commitment to one another.

You are my glorious wife forever.

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Michelle & Kelly

You complete me.

A beautiful love story.

Michelle and Kelly

12th February 2022

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The Gordon's

So many words to convey their depth of love, however, officiating Vivianne and Charlie’s ceremony their love for one another was radiating throughout the Regent Theatre.

Photography by

Anastasi Dalton and Scout - It's Beautiful Here


The Gordon's

The lavish and opulent theatre with surrounding rococo architecture was the perfect setting, creating "forever" cherished memories framing their romantic love affair.

Regent signing table.jpg

The Gordon's

The wonderful bagpiper played

"their tune", inspiring their journey throughout Scotland.

Partners in Marriage

Lisa and Susan conveyed their love story graciously remembering loved ones from  the past who are no longer here,
combined with a touching tribute honouring the traditional owners

of the land,

the Dja Dja Wurrung people.

Photography by

Anastasi Dalton and Emily Lowmax


Partners in Marriage

An organic wedding surrounded by the fresh scent of the garden, mother nature, with precious family and friends
witnessing their love story.

Lisa and Susan alter.jpg

Partners in Marriage

I am duly authorised by law to solemnize marriages according to law...

At long last, Love is Love
Whatever you face, I will face

by your side
Eternally yours forever..

David and Renee chalkboard insta_edited_

Mr &Mrs Dowd

The heartfelt, beautiful love story

inspired by coastal
water and love of the outdoors.

Photography by

Anastasi Dalton and Bonnie Creative


Mr &Mrs Dowd

The beautiful blessing of Renee and David's parents made their love story complete.

Renee and David insta_edited.png

Mr &Mrs Dowd

An absolute delight to officiate the marriage of Renee and David.

As the celebrant I am right there in their moment, feeling the joy,

love and happiness.

It was truly a privilege and honour.

Anastasi Dalton